The year that was: The little big things

Each year in the last weeks of December, I dredge out old forgotten memories, haunt my blog and reflect on the months past. I travel back in time to the January that started with so much promise and pause to think if the year lived up to it. I gear myself mentally for the year ahead knowing that it will be different from the year that is winding down.

So, in chronological order, here is how my year looked.

Jan – The new year started with deleting my old blog identity and creating a new one.

Feb – My relationship with the kitchen and food underwent a sea change.

March – Cycle of life. My nephew was born and a dearly loved family member left us too early. Kids turn a year older with no fanfare.

April – A momentous month. My yo-yo relationship with social media bounced back and I was back on FB yet again! We moved to a new home and with it to newer adventures.

May – This month was all about settling in and rediscovering old connections.

June – Summer! Niece is born. Fathers day.

July – Feeling overwhelmed.

August – Battles within.

September – On my own. Start of a new career path

October – Reading,  Movies, Potty training

November – Television.

December – School group, reflection and introspection.


Author. Parent.

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