Stop and catch that snowflake

Gentle snowflakes fall outside. Memories of my dad who passed away 6 years back swirl in my head. Just the good ones. I look around my home. The home is companionably silent. I pick up strewn toys and put away the discarded PJ’s  I brew myself a cup of strong ginger tea and sit to work. My mind hums a nameless tune.

I am happy and it shows. I look out the window at the cascading flakes and feel a deep sense of peace. My life as I near forty is as good as it can get. The restlessness from a few months back is gone. My little world finally feels just right.

With Thanksgiving just past and the holiday season upon us, I feel my inner joy rise. Tis truly the season to be merry. And thankful. For all the little and big things. For the safety and warmth of a roof over my head. For the comfort and love that family affords me. For the steady hand of support my spouse extends. For the unconditional love my twins bless me with. Every single day. This time of the year does that to me. Slows me down. Makes me appreciate the every day memories we are creating. Makes me stop and catch a snowflake.

Happy Holidays to you and yours. Cheers!


Author. Parent.

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