English Vinglish Happy Vappy

So we head out, my sis in law and a couple of friends late last night to catch Engli-Vingli as Pattani insisted on calling it. We reached the theater, settled in and waited for the promos to finish and the movie to start. Start it did to the hustle and bustle of everyday life in an upper middle-income family. The busy dad, awkward teenager, understanding dadi, the super housewife and the adorable little son. It took a little getting used to the image of Sridevi and her voice. Setting the base and tone for the story we have a few scenes where Shashi is looked down upon because of her lack of English speaking skills.

The movie is predictable, the pace fast and the characters well etched. What elevated the movie in my mind were the little moments. The visuals that spoke more than the words. The wordless magic that was spun by the scenes that played out. The cup of coffee cooling by the patio as Shashi attends to the others in the home. The effortless ease with which she plays the role of an empowered small business owner. The pride with which she puts away her earnings. The facial expressions that speak volumes.

As I walked away from the movie and into the darkness, I had a smile playing on my lips. I mouthed a wordless thank you to Gauri Shinde for keeping the plot simple, the music muted, the characters real and picking a wonderful cast.

I only wished I knew French.


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