Mmm! This smells good!

I sit by the breakfast table. The low hanging light fixture gives off a mellow glow. The wide glass door behind me is screened with a blind. It is dawn and the sun is just breaking. Pattani who has been waiting eagerly for me to join her, clambers on to my lap, her milk-bottle in hand. Adjusting herself to my contours, she leans back her silky hair just under my neck. I nuzzle the top of her head and she closes her eyes and rocks back and forth.

We savor our little mommy daughter moment in blissful silence. I open my eyes and the room looks a little brighter. I urge her to drink her milk while I sip my coffee appreciatively. I put my glass down and she sniffs it with equal appreciation, her tiny nose wrinkled and cute.

The chores await but I want time to stand still. I hear Saathi and Ammani come down the stairs and the spell is broken. Ammu now clamors for attention. The silence gives way to babyish chatter. The kitchen hisses and hums with activity.

I stand flipping crispy dosais. I feel a tug at my pants and Pattani stands on tiptoe eager to see what is happening above her eye level. I hoist her onto my hip and go about folding the dosais into triangles for their lunch box. I feel a sharp intake of breath near my ear and turn to see Pattani eyeing the wispy strands of steam escaping. Mmm! They smell good! she proclaims before sliding off my hip onto other adventures.

I remain still trying to grasp at the fleeting pleasures that surround me.


Author. Parent.

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