Room with a view

I look at the clock. It is a quarter to 3:00 PM. A little late for lunch I decide and whip up a churumuri kind of snack. Salad veggies chopped, a pinch of masala, a spoon of chutney and leftover mixture. I settle back on my chair and work while I eat.

I could get used to this I think. Perhaps I will.

It has been ten days since my last salaried job. It has been a week of getting used to the new routine. A week of fitting work in between life. A hour in the morning, a few hours mid-day, a couple more after the kids are in bed. Hours that add up or don’t to the mythical 40 hour work week. Hours snatched in between illnesses and random mid-of-the-day chauffeuring.

For over a year I have longed for a schedule that will let me work when I can. One that will involve minimal commute. One that will still keep me connected to the professional network I am part of. It eventually took shape, in a form that involved letting go of safety nets and jumping in feet first. One that could end up leaving me unemployed but wiser.

It has only been a week but I am liking it thus far. Besides what is not to like about a job that comes with an office. One with a view like this?



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