Ready and raring to go

Time flies. It sure does.

It is soon going to be fall. The summer of 2012 has sped past leaving no memories in its wake. At least not the kind of summer memories I had hoped to create with the two of you. No beach trips. No visit to the Zoo or Sesame place. Not even visits to the local park.

What we did do however was move into our new home. This summer has been all about vegetating. Staying put. It has been about hunkering down in the cool innards of our home while it blazed outside. It has been about cuddles, kisses and floor puzzles. It has been family, friends and good times. Each day it has been about enjoying the precious gems that you both utter with disarming honesty. It is about grasping at the lingering lisp in your talk. Reminders of a babyhood flying past.

Each day it is about reflecting on the past and ruminating about the future. It has been about decisions that impact our future together. It has been about career altering decisions and mind numbing routines.

As fall creeps in, I feel the need to hug you closer and whisper about the summers of the future. I promise you memories that will be made in the sun and hope I can keep my word. I feel like we are on the verge of a transformative phase in our lives. One that promises big adventures and bigger challenges. I feel ready. Ready as I can ever be.


Author. Parent.

3 thoughts on “Ready and raring to go

  1. But these everyday ordinary moments are what memories are made of, right? Here’s to bigger adventures. Bestest to you and the kiddies.

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