I slide my feet off the bed crunching the palm a couple of times before encasing them in slippers. My eyes are blurry from all the crustiness that accumulate when you have had too little sleep. I splash cold water and in a sequence that can almost be automated, brush my teeth, dry my face and walk softly downstairs. I open the blinds and am surprised by how green it is outside. I feel a sense of urgency as I soak the rice and dal and set a pot of water on the stove.

Minutes later, the household still quiet, I slip away with my cup of coffee into the yard. I remember to leave my trusty phone inside the house stealing ten glorious minutes all to myself. My glasses are in the house too but I let it be. I walk across the wet, muddy grass deliberately. I notice the weeds and the wild flowers. I stop by each plant caressing the buds and checking for new leaves. I stop at the purple rose of sharon which is a burst of color. The flowers are smaller than I had thought they would be. I touch them reverentially. The dew feels fresh and crisp against my fingers.

I open the tiny gate and walk along the front patch. It strikes me that there is much beauty surrounding me. My coffee cup is empty and I tarry a moment longer. A swarm of birds now sit in a distance pecking at the grass. I walk towards them and they fly away almost reproachfully. I step back in the house to sounds of my children waking.

A few more minutes and I will lose myself to the routine but before I do that I want to savor the slice of the day I took for myself. Just me.



Author. Parent.

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