Summer of discontent

The heat made shimmering waves off the patio surface. I stood by the sink, the Sun’s slanting rays hitting me right in the eyes making me squint. I had paused from my evening routine of doing dishes before Saathi came home with the kids.

The stretch of the yard between the patio and the tall grasses behind bore patches of dry crusted earth. It hit me how life mirrors everything around me. Here I have the beautiful life filled with all the things I aspired for. Things I earned and things that were handed down to me. All the material and non material things that defined how I wanted my life to look and feel like and yet I stood simmering with discontent.

The earth looked parched and so did my lifescape. A lush lawn was possible but it needed constant and careful tending. As I researched ways and means to make it possible, I realized I needed to trim the fat from my lifestyle both literally and figuratively. In prioritizing what needed watering and when, I realized the value I attached to things needed re-appraising.

So, as the heat eases later this month, I hope I will have made headway on disquiet in my soul.

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