Daddies near. Daddies far.

I watch fascinated as your eyes glow and your arms wave as you describe the conversation Ammani had using the cucumber as a phone. You are besotted I think. I watch as you patiently clean soiled underwear while your daughter stands oblivious to the mess she is responsible for. I watch as you fold away itty bitty clothes and glance at the clock to see if you can snatch 10 minutes of TV time before sleep. I watch as you wash the car seat for the umpteenth time this year being careful to take it all apart and put it back together even if it means you will have less than four hours of sleep that night.

In the hard, testing times of raising a child is when you raise the bar as a daddy. You give it your all unflinchingly even if your mind and heart says “I need a break from the kids and the routine”. As Fathers day looms this weekend and am inundated with ads for lawnmowers and tools, I wonder if I should print coupons for 8 hours of sleep or vouchers for 2 hours of uninterrupted TV time.

I watch you adjust the rotating sprinkler with the girls tugging at your legs and marvel at how complete the picture looks. Your body language is relaxed. The laugh lines add beauty to your face and the greys make for a distinguished look.

As you struggle to make Pattani understand that pulling Ammani’s hair is not OK or run behind both of them in an attempt to get them to poop at home before heading out to school, I get a glimpse of the kind of hands on dad you are. Whether it is staying home with a sick kid or remembering to take their jackets when it is nippy outside, these little things define your fatherhood.

I think our girls have an amazing dad. I hope years from now, they will reflect upon their growing years and know that they had it good. They don’t make too many like you, you see.

Happy Father’s Day Saathi and Happy Father’s Day Appa!



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One thought on “Daddies near. Daddies far.

  1. In a movie called “National Treasure”, Nicholas Cage would read out the Declaration of Independence and exclaim “no one ever talks like that any more”. Felt the same as I read this post. You are really fortunate to be able to be touched by such happenings without getting lost in the daily humdrum of life.
    Happy father’s day to your saathi.

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