One hug on the side. To go please!

My warm pink fuzzy socks snagged on the rough coir mat as I rushed between the kitchen and the minivan hauling lunch bags and kids in my hurry to get them out the door by 8:00 AM. Just as the van doors started to close, Ammani’s voice rang out. “Can I have a hug? Please?”

I retraced my steps a slow smile spreading through my face and wiping away the stress at my temples. I reached in for a quick hug and ducked out when she pleaded “One more time?”. Laughing out loud I gave her a bear hug and ruffled her hair before closing the door determinedly behind me.

It’s days like today that make me stop in my tracks and reflect. Just when I think the monotony will kill me if relentless schedule driven life will not, something happens to throw me off the tracks and pause.

I slowed down visibly after that. Taking longer to shower and get dressed. Slowing down on the highway to just keep pace with the cars ahead and behind me. I locked the car and checked the time. It was five minutes to my meeting. Usually I would have rushed, my calf muscles complaining when I finally arrive at my desk but today I walked stopping to smell the roses. Literally.

At the corner of the road before I make my turn is a bush bursting to its seams with roses. I stopped, fingered the velvet petals and bent down to savor the fragrance before I moved on.



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