LMT: Lullaby

I stood up from my prone position, the ground feeling rather shaky as I stood up. I am not well I thought to myself as my stomach made another sickening sound. The rest of the day passed with paying homage to the bathroom and trying to ignore the calls of my body to rest.

Siesta time came swiftly and Saathi snored away happily, his jet lagged self lost to la-la land. Ammani and Pattani would have none of it. “Basement!” yelled both even I as got them off the high chairs where they sat strapped to provide me some respite. Reluctantly I followed them down. The green and aqua patterned piece of foam that resembled a sofa looked inviting. Even as the kids prepared to use it as a trampoline, I plunked myself on it and spread out the cool surface feeling like a balm to my feverish skin.

I closed my eyes and braced myself for tiny bodies pummeling me. Instead what I felt was the caress of a tiny palm on my forehead. Another pair on my back. Together the two voices sang in unison “Lullaby and good night… Sleep tight my…”. A slight but definite pause later it continued “..my little amma..”

I smiled. Smiled with deep satisfaction and gathered the two tiny beings within my depths drawing comfort and warmth from them. The rest of the day passed by quickly and a couple of advils did away with the body ache and fever. I went to bed that night humming “…little amma…”.


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