LMT – Wonderment

I stood on the ledge by the glass viewing area. Wrapped in a blue and white swaddle cloth lay the newest member of my family. Surrounded by wide eyed children and happy grandparents, I got to participate in the miracle that is childbirth and new life.

As we looked gentle on the hours old baby trying to match his features with his genetic relations, my eyes strayed to my little ones. Their eyes grew wide each time they saw him up close. “My brother” said Ammani a hint of possessiveness creeping into her voice. I affirmed what she said sending a tiny prayer heavenward for the little blessings in life.

On the drive home we were all lost in our own thoughts. Mine flitted from the joyousness of the day to wonderment that is the beginning of new life.


  1. Umm.. small confusion. I suppose the new addition is not in your immediate circle – considering you drove back home….am I right?

    If it IS in your immediate family, congratulations,
    if it is in your extended family, congratulations anyway ! Nothing like a new baby to reaffirm the miracle called life.

  2. Oh My God..this morning (thu) only i sent her a good wishes email. oh Wow..great news. Hope baby and mommy are fine. Looks like all 3 sisters are ready to take possession of him.

    Congratulations to all. Welcome baby. God bless

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