A picture is worth a thousand memories

I tossed and turned and felt relief as the alarm rang. At least I did not have to make an effort to sleep. Sliding noiselessly into the kitchen, I set the pot of water on for coffee and got started on the day’s meals. The clock showed 5:30 AM. I heard steps shuffling down and saw Amma. I soundlessly set aside another cup of coffee. We stood there working side by side till the grey clouds lit up with an unseen light. It was going to be a drab day.

The next couple of hours passed and I got into my car blowing air kisses to the three of you as I pulled out. On the drive to work, I smiled at the thought of the two of you preening for the camera. It is photo day today.

A good part of my morning was spent tossing out clothes from your closet trying to figure out what would look appropriate for the yearly picture. You see, I had not forgiven myself for forgetting photo day the previous year. As the pictures came back, I consoled myself that it looked good all the while wondering if only I had remembered.

So today as the two of you twirled around in your pink and peach dresses with matching purses I felt a warmth spread through my body. There is something inherently joyful about seeing you in pretty dresses and neat hairdos. It strikes me that my babies are now little girls. Soon you will be tall and lanky and picking out your own clothes for photo day.

Till that happens, this mama will cherish these little moments and say a little prayer of thanks.

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