I parked in the relatively higher level of the parking garage and took my time getting ready to face the blast of cold air that would hit my face the minute I opened the car door. Bracing, I stepped outside and felt energized. Walking briskly, I hit the down arrow and waited for the sole elevator to open.

It was empty, I looked at my feet as the floors hurtled past. The cage stopped a couple of floors below and a girl stepped in. I gave her a once over and went back to staring at my feet. My scan registered a tiny red pottu. I looked up hesitantly again and noticed she was looking at me too. We stepped out at the same time and walked with similar strides matching each other for pace and speed. Even as my mind debated whether I should say Hi! she asked if I worked at the bank. I nodded. You? I asked and she pointed at the building next door. Enkay I said and held out my hand. Radhiga she said. A knowing look passed over my face before we both said in unison. Tamizhaa?

Where are you from? Here? She asked without missing a beat. I mentioned where I drove from. She replied saying she was a local. I spied my building loom in the periphery of my eye. Where are you from in TN I asked not hesitating. Kovai she said. Oh! I said. Me too. At least partially I responded. SB colony she said. What? I responded. Me too.

I knew I had to run as did she. We shared one final note on the home of our yesteryears and walked our separate paths knowing it was serendipitous.


    • Yes. What got me is my visceral reaction to her stating she lived a few streets down from me. Each time I think I live in a bubble, some thing like this proves me wrong.

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