In the bustle of everyday life, I sometimes forget what it is like to not worry about the next meal or the piling dishes in the sink. The laundry beckons when I would rather read. I sit back on the recliner after running behind two active toddlers all day and feel guilty about not picking up the zillion puzzle pieces that are littered through the home.

So as the days and weeks merge into the monotony that is everyday life, every once in a while a day dawns like today. When dishes stay in the sink, the stove glistens from the oil spattered from last nights cooking. When the bed is unmade and the kitchen island looks like a dumping ground for the house. I pretend not to care and adjust my earrings as my reflection in the mirror reflects the joy at just being. I slip on my most flattering pair of pants paired with a deep purple tee, layer it with a black sweater and run downstairs where saathi has the car running and ready.

We both slip away from the rigors of daily life to enjoy each others company and just be. Just be without thoughts of the kids or parents. To soak in the crisp winter day as we walk arms linked. Our faces are animated and we share jokes and talk about the kids some before moving to commenting on the weather and other forgettable issues. We catch a movie and relax enough to feel those shoulder muscles slump. My hand that holds the cell phone in a tight grip in the event the daycare calls loosens and the phone lies silent by the side.

The afternoon gives way to the evening and we return home ready to take on life. Ready for the chaos and the routine. For a brief moment before I turn my attention to the sink as my ears keenly listen for the sounds of the garage door opening, I feel unfettered. And free.

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