The heavy patterned veil

I peek from behind a veil. A rich ornate crimson colored piece of fabric. I see bits and pieces of what is happening yonder. I stand back content to watch from afar. I am tired of having been the focus. Of having the spotlight turned on me. I understand it was of my choosing. The drama queen I have been, I loved the heat from the overhead lights, the glare of the camera and the feeling of power that came from an audience lapping up what I dished.

Then I realized. Realized that behind the harsh glare all those seats were filled with people I knew. People I had chosen to surround myself with. I saw a reflection of me in them. Behind those front rows, were the empty seats. The ones that mocked at me. The ones that told the true story. I drew back, slowly but surely and one day decided to end it all.

These days, I linger in the shadows, craving the limelight. The time will never be right and my story shall lay untold.


  1. So beautifully written. It has layers of meanings and loved it. I think this is truly one of your best and now I know for sure, you should continue to write in this pattern (you know what I mean ;)).

  2. EnKay..great to see you back in action. will take some time to gte used to the name ..
    I did not get the layers of hidden meaning or story behind the post. But the post did something else to me. reminded me of my entry in one of the plays I did in a professional group. The anxious, hesitant, shy me (the character)scared to come to the stage so take a peek, pull the head back, peek again like a turle and finally I trip on something and fall flat onto the stage..audience go into a laugh riot…i did a comic quite a few menion in the press. coincidentally I was telling my kids this story today, when he showed me how the AFV host always enter the show from behind a half wall.
    I am sure, this post was not intended for this totally off topic comment..

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