Dosa Mogalai Podi – A tambram kitchen essential


Growing up the standard evening tiffin in our home used to be the ubiquitous dosai with molahai podi. Chutneys and sambar were for when we had guests or when we were guests at other peoples’ homes. Having said that I never realized there would be a day when the common dosai mohalai podi would become exotic. This weekend with Amma at home, I made her prepare a batch that would see me through the end of the year. Refered by some as molagai podi or gun powder, this potent spice, lentil mix is drool worthy as a paste with oil or sprinkled over home made thayir or curds.

Stuff you will need:

Urad dhal – 1 cup Channa dhal – 1/2 cup White sesame seeds – A handful Jaggery or brown sugar – 1 tbsp Red chillies – 10-12 Asafoetida – 1 tsp Salt to taste Oil – 1 tsp

How to make it?

In a shallow pan, add a couple of drops of oil and roast the urad dhal, channa dhal separately. Set aside. Dry roast sesame seeds, set aside. Add few more drops of oil, add asafoetida, then red chillies and roast. Set aside. When all ingredients are roasted and cooled, dry grind the mix with salt and jaggery or brown sugar to a medium fine mixture. Store airtight.

Serve as a side to idlis/dosas mixed with gingelly oil.

Special notes:

The jaggery/brown sugar and sesame seeds are optional. White sesame seeds and be replaced with black ones. The color changes but the taste is more or less the same.

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