Falling for Fall

Pulling into my driveway this evening, I was still on the phone with my cousin. I reluctantly put my phone away when I realized she had to run. I went about my chores with a mechanical precision till I heard the crunching of gravel under the toy SUV that my neighbor’s child was driving. I looked up and suddenly saw it. The signs that were sneaking up on me for weeks now. The odd yellowing leaf in my back yard. The snatches of red amidst the shocking green. The nip in the air. The darkness that seemed to fall a little too soon. Dumping my handbag and an assortment of stuff that I lug around each day inside the house, I set out for a leisurely stroll down my street. I had a precious few minutes before K and the girls would arrive.

Humming a tuneless tune, I opened myself to the joys of Autumn. The chill air caressed my cheek. The falling leaves brushed past me. The colors suddenly seemed a little abundant. Stopping to pick up my mail, I raised my head and there it was. The gorgeousness that was the sugar maple. I clicked a random picture just for kicks and kept walking.


Hours later, resting in the comfort of the recliner, I remembered the tune that was stuck in  my head. Yes! I was falling for fall.


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