Inane milestones

It happened the day before. I stifled a smile even if my heart was singing. Then, it happened again. Yesterday. I could barely contain myself. You see, for a major part of the year and half that our daughters have been with us, they have been daddy’s girls. If they fell down and hurt themselves, their eyes would scan for Appa. When the darkness fell and sleep tugged at their eyelids, it was Appa’s neck that they wanted. The sounds of Appa! Appa! echo around the house that it has become part of the white noise in my life.

Then it happened this past week. Kay switched over to the Amma camp. Not always but at nights when the charade of drinking water, changing diapers is over, her eyes search for me. Sitting in her Appa’s arms, she panics if I am not around. She leaps into my arms just as we enter their room to put them to bed.

Just like that, she has turned me from this envious mother to someone who day dreams. Someone who smiles at the world in general with no agenda. A dreamy amma who is relishing every bit of the boundless love her child has decided to bless her with. For now.



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One thought on “Inane milestones

  1. Your post made me smile. My daughter always searches for me when she bumps into something or when she wakes up early in the morning and wants to spend an hour sleeping & cuddling with me. I understand the fuss my husband makes about her running to me all the time, but I know she needs Appa and Amma for different things.

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