It’s over. Finally!

Just like that as I sat slouched on the sofa a book in hand revelling in the peace that reigned in the household at the moment, a tiny ding followed by a buzz happened. Caught between turning the page on the thriller I held in hand and an urge to find out what email had deigned to make its appearance in one of the many inboxes configured on my phone, I put the book down and reached for the phone.

There it was! The result of my final exam that I turned in a few days back. Pulse quickening I opened the attachment. A sigh escaped my lips. I would make a B or B+. Relief!! I hopped over to my school webpage. Signed in. Nothing. The official grades were not out yet. Yet. There it was. The moment signifying the end of an ardous three year journey to the coveted M.B.A.

Nothing really changed from last week yet I suddenly felt free to celebrate. To soak in the weekend without the nagging feeling I was letting studies slide while I browsed the web. I would miss the guilty pleasures. The fun in sneaking a peek at the news or researching my latest obsession while I was supposed to be reading up lecture notes.

Yup! This is it! Am done. Done with studying for the rest of my life. Done with exams and papers and grades. Yahoo! Come celebrate with me.

Happy week ahead!


Author. Parent.

23 thoughts on “It’s over. Finally!

  1. Congratulations!!! šŸ™‚

    That is a great feeling!!! I celebrate you and celebrate with you!

    Great job! You are amazing!:)

    Hv a great week!

  2. congrats Laksh.
    Good Job! inspiring…you finished inspite of such a hectic life
    i like this blog format much better, can read all posts on the page without deciding and clicking

  3. Hi Lakshmi,

    I am a long time reader just delurked to congratulate you…
    I vividly remember the post you wrote about the joint study session u had I think Dec2008 -its one of my favorites.

    Time sure flies…

    Good Luck…


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