The Summer of Indolence

This Friday, I drove past the local high school like I always do to get anywhere from home. The single lane lined with trees and quiet, stately homes with winding driveways. The abundant trees and shrubbery that cast a green hue over everything. Then I spied it. The one tree I always noticed. The one right by the school. Specks of yellow interrupted the green. I turned back to make sure. Yep! Unmistakable signs of the season changes ahead. I could visibly feel my shoulders sag. I felt weighed down by what lay ahead. You see, for months now, I had September beginning as a deadline of sorts. To potty train, to introduce the girls to vegetables, to expand their food choices, to take them out to the park each day, to clean my closets, to catch up on long pending chores like applying for certain things.

September seemed far away. Farther than it actually was. This summer was mine was about indolence. Of being stuck in a rut. Of deriving comfort from routine or lack thereof. Of pushing things I did not want to deal with to a definable future. Now that September is around the corner, I feel the weight on my shoulders. The need to get my act together and actually do the things I have been pushing out. To be that active parent. To be better to myself. To not procrastinate.

That’s been my summer. My summer of indolence. So, how has your summer been?

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