Letters to my daughters: One year of school!

Am I dreaming or is it already a year since you both started school? Time flies doesn’t it? From the anxiety ridden, cell phone clutching scared mom, I have come a long way too! It feels like yesterday that I anguished over what to pack for lunch, if I dressed you weather-appropriately, if I had enough diapers/wipes/spare clothes for you at school.

Nothing much has changed yet a lot has changed. You both moved up one class from the Bear room to the Wolf room. Your teachers changed, classmates changed and you took it in stride. From being carried into school, now the two of you carry your own bags and play with wayside pebbles before your indulgent father will shoo you in. Even if it means he will be late for his daily 9:00 AM meeting. Each evening, I wait anxiously for that report card. The one that details how well you ate, how many diapers were changed with graphic descriptions, how long your nap was, what you did through the day and what was your mood for the day. I don’t recall seeing anything but “Happy” marked and that makes me proud. Very proud! You have graduated from 2 naps to 1. From shelf work and coloring to puzzles, outdoor activities, dancing and more.

The two of you are taller, more vocal about your wants and needs and absolutely a delight to be with. I miss being able to drop you off at school and pick you up. I will remedy that I promise. Someday soon.

I am yet to hear you both talk about friends or school at home. Except for the stray recitation of all your classmates’ names. Or random Miss names. Often as I change your diaper, I look forward to your humming the rhymes or yelling the alphabet at a good speed. There seems to be something about being supine that makes you want to sing. I am not sure if going to school taught you this, but you both can now somersault. Our jaws dropped when we first saw you do this Kay. School or not, I love that the two of you can play by yourself and with each other. Even though sharing comes hard, I love it when you go “exchange?” whenever you want what the other has.

As you leave for school tomorrow, I will be re-living the countless moments from the past year and rooting for you as you forge ahead. Like Lao-tse said: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Here’s to an exciting, fun-filled journey. Cheers my kutties!





5 thoughts on “Letters to my daughters: One year of school!

  1. best to kutties as they start new school year. have tons of fun girls..

    also wonder, when am I going to see you both..

      1. does not seem to be possibility this summer Laksh. May be next summer. This is definitely high on my ‘to do’ list.

        relief is that I have their pics on my work desk..after reading every post on them, I look that pic and take them in)

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