Attitude of Gratitude

The doorbell rang and my brother, sis in law and niece stood at the door. Even as I stood back to let them in, my eyes fell on the undone hair of my niece. I ran my finger through it and shepparded her inside. Adjusting the pallu of my silk saree, I sorted through the bags that sis in law bought. Flowers, fruits and assorted puja items lay inside. Separating them out, I watched her disappear into the bedroom to change. Leading my niece S by hand to our sun drenched deck, I brushed out her hair. With each combing action, a wave of love enveloped me. There was something very intimate about combing hair. I held her long tresses tight and brushed till it shone. I slid a bright yellow rubberband and her hair swung in a high pony tail. Turning her around, I held her face cupped in my hands and kissed her gently on the forehead. What I felt that moment was a mix of pure happiness and gratitude.

Yesterday evening, I dressed Kay and Cee in silk. As I sat each child by the edge of the bed, tying silver anklets to their chubby ankles, I felt the same emotions overcome me. As I brushed each tiny head, pulling back the silky strands and pinning them back with a clip, my heart stopped a bit taking in their innocence and beauty. There is something to be said about trusting eyes looking back at you.

Today, as I sat on the floor, cross legged, a bowl of flowers in my lap, showering Ambal mugam with petals with each line of the chant emanating from the boom box nearby, I felt it again. A sense of gratitude and peace. A feeling that stems from knowing I have been one of the luckier ones. One with a roof over my head, plenty to eat and enough love to last lifetimes.

Sometimes in the monotonous march of days, weeks and months, I forget to stand still. To appreciate the things I have and the privileged life I lead. Today was a reminder to give thanks and count my blessings.

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