This past weekend amidst other things, each time I logged into FB, I saw a spate of “Happy Friendship day!” messages. Each time I smiled without fail. A trace of sarcasm escaping with the smile. Then the work week happened and a friend of mine said something along similar lines over email. That got me taking stock of where that thing called friendship slowly disappeared from my life.

There was a time when I browsed the racks of my nearby greeting card shop trying to find the perfect card for the people who meant a lot to me. I would weigh one card over another trying to find the words that expressed exactly how I felt about them.The kind of friends you roamed M.G road with. The kind of friends who shared email passwords and ATM cards with. The kinds that did not leave your side the entire three days of your wedding. Years passed and traditional cards made way to e-cards, emails and then that faded into silence.

Was it because life took over? Was it because I prioritized husband and kids over friends? Was it because my definition of friends changed over time? Is it because friendship is overrated?

The questions kind of sit at the edge of consciousness not at all intruding into the area of my brain that would itch for answers. Perhaps this is what growing up means. Finding weightier things to chew on. Understanding that relationships are all spread on a scale and time and distance are bigger factors than I gave credit for?

It is not that I don’t have friends or do not feel strongly about them. It just seems to be lately that I have sort of taken them for granted. Like family or God. Expecting them to be there when I need them. Expecting them to know that they are loved and in my thoughts even when there are no mushy cards waiting in their mailboxes on the first Sunday of August.Perhaps like all other commercial holidays, friendship days seems to be more bark than bite?

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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