Feminism. Hmm!

I sat on the recliner, laptop perched on my lap, glasses sliding to the tip of my nose, watching with bated breath as the stock markets opened for the day. It was my first day home after I switched to part-time. Amma bustled around the kitchen looking irritably at me as I sat un-budging.

Why don’t you sweep the floor? she asked. I looked at her smile playing on my face and asked why should I? The silly banter continued for a bit as she made a comment that equated to saying I should sweep because I was a woman. Not because it was my home. Not because the house was dirty. I brushed the comment aside and went on to have breakfast and heaved a sigh of relief as the jobs report came out and it looked like there would a rally on Wall St.

Hours later in the shower, the comment came back to haunt me. It led me to wonder why it bothered me so much. And I realized it did because I reacted to anything I perceived as a slight to my feminist views. The thought process continued as I tried to pin down what I thought was feminism in my views.

Here are a few things that I could think of:

– Being expected to contribute to the household coffers in terms of money or labor
– Knowing my finances as well as I know my kitchen cabinets
– Not feeling guilty staying late at work while K takes care of the babies
– Being a joint decision maker in anything that concerns my family
– Celebrating gender differences rather than obliterating them
– Raising my daughters to believe they do what they set their mind to do
– Defying stereotypes when needed

Am sure if I spend enough time, I can come up with more pithy ways of stating the above but for now this is what is on my mind. I’d like to hear from you on what you think.

Hopefully going part-time means I will find time to respond to comments. 😉

One thought on “Feminism. Hmm!

  1. Calling your husband by name, letting him cook dinner for you. These may sound silly but our moms would agree on these points 🙂

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