Letters to my daughters – Tantrums and Tiaras

Dearest Kay and Cee,

It’s been a while since I reflected on what you girls have been up to. Hmmm! Where do I start? It seems like suddenly the both of you graduated from being babies to proper little girls complete with tantrums and a mind decidedly your own. Our mornings are filled with squeals of laughter alternating with piercing screams when the two of you pull, punch and tear at each other in a way I don’t ever recall fighting with my siblings. One minute it is a doll, the other minute it is a stick of cheese. It amazes me how both of you zero in on exactly the thing your sister has in hand. We still have our morning ritual of forcing you  to drink milk. Cee, you are my hero for you gulp down the milk and actually seem to enjoy it. Kay, you practice all of your manipulative skills in the 30 minutes it takes for the two of us to egg that glass of milk drop by drop through your throat.

Then of course is playtime. Your current favorites are that crying baby that M auntie gave you from our bay area trip and a cutting board and vegetable set that you got as a return gift from A next door. Baby dolls are a rage as well and it is not uncommon to see you both clutching an identical baby in your hands all morning long.

It is so much fun to see you both delight in getting your hair made up and tied in pig tails. You run around and prance with the soft silky hair flying as you turn around to ensure we are still watching you in adoration. You both now realize when you wear new clothes and cannot wait to show it off. You twirl and run around and shout in glee.

Your vocabulary is steadily increasing and you now string sentences in english. Your Appa and I never tire of hearing your baby voices demand and get things. We watch out for the occasional flubbed words and cherish it knowing it will be too soon before these lingering traces of babyhood disappear.

I am dreading the famed ‘potty training’ phase which is right around the corner but I can’t wait for you to be diaper free and ready to take on the world. Each day as you come back from school and Paati and I read your report card, I feel proud to note the “HAPPY” circled on the top indicating your predominant mood for the day.

There are moments like just before bedtime, the two of you show an active preference for being carried by your dad that makes me melancholy. I try to put on a game face but it weighs me down except of course when I see you shoo me away and realizing am not budging then you point your chubby finger at me and say “Go play Amma!” like that will get rid of me. Hmmpf!

Each night without fail as I put one of you down, I send prayers heavenward. Prayers that offer thanks and seek divine grace so that you both will be safe, happy and healthy always. I close the door gently behind me and wait for that clear good night amma or good night appa before I step away tears brimming at the corner of my eyes.

Every day is a joy Kay and Cee. Every moment with you treasured. You bring untold joy into our lives and for that I will always be grateful.

Love you kutties.


6 thoughts on “Letters to my daughters – Tantrums and Tiaras

  1. Ahh…how beautifully you write Laksh. I can see the scenes played out clearly infront of me ..God bless your kutties

  2. Hey lakshmi..

    For some strange reason, i had saved your blog url wrong and kept wondering what happened to you… got this from Aparna today 🙂

    What a lovely letter… Am sure K and C will enjoy these whenever they read em 🙂

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