Move over Mickey! Mooshik Mouse is here.

Standing in front of the Ganesha Tanjore painting in the girls bedroom, I held Kay up so she could touch the painting and touch her eyes like her Appa has taught her to. Some days she complies sleepily. Some days she traces the outline of Ganesha’s belly before declaring “elefan”. Some days like today, her eyes are drawn to the rather mischievous looking mouse squished under Ganesha’s weight. Mooshik mouse is her new found favorite edging Mickey out of way.

“Krsna” she declares identifying him in everything around. Some mornings start with standing on the kitchen counter peeking into my abandoned puja shelf. She identifies some deities reveling in a new-found personal connection. She talks to Krsna as if he is a friend.

I marvel at the connection children make with the sublime. Whether it is falling head bent in front of the humongous murthy in the temple following her Amma and Appa or bringing her hands to her chest in a traditional greeting at the local Indian store, I want to hold that naiveté tight and hope she retains her guileless trust all through her life.

So, for now Mooshik is our little hero introducing the girls to the wonder and delight that Indian mythology holds for me.


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