Daddy’s Daughters

“Hugssss!!” “Hugss” repeats Cee endearingly stretching her arms sideways from her high chair. I stand half amused watching K shuttle between the girls dispensing hugs, healing boo-boos and planting kisses on chubby cheeks.

Over the past year I have watched K evolve as a father. He is their primary care giver and by that commands a bulk of their attention as well. Each day as I watch him come home herding the girls up the stairs and hauling them upstairs for a bath, I realize how involved a parent he is. As the years go by, I realize my daughters will always be daddy’s girls and with good reason. He sits cross legged, one daughter on each leg reading out stories and make believe noises to go with them.

If I were to take a collection of pictures on any given day of the girls, I realize K will be in most of them. I think of years in the future when these moments will be the memories Kay and Cee will carry with them and I feel happy. The legacy of his fatherhood is being built one memory at a time and it makes a beautiful collage.

So, this Sunday when the world around me celebrates Father’s day, I think of mine and I think of K and thank them both for their gift of love.

To anyone who is a father in spirit, happy father’s day!!!

3 thoughts on “Daddy’s Daughters

  1. Aww!! K is a wonderful person! 🙂 Love it that you guys are my friends. The gals are blessed to have parents like you both & you guys deserve loving,charming, beautiful kids like them! Wishing you all happiness now and forever. Happy Father’s day to K!

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