Embracing my inner domestic goddess

It’s 6:45 AM my sister-in-law remarked “Isn’t it getting late for you to get to work?”. I turned back half-lazily to look at the clock, the numbers not serving to alarm me. “Yes.” I replied and went on to explain that these days I had decided to go with the flow. Get things done and leave home whenever I was done. Hanging up after a while, I busied myself packing lunches, doling out snacks in small boxes and pouring out the milk in bright-colored sipsters.

Packing the last of the boxes, I turned my attention to loading the dishwasher. Soaping and rinsing off stubborn patches, I realized how much I enjoyed this. The mundane tasks that I did each day. Day after day. On occasion, I look up daycare providers that also provide food and fantasize on how much time and effort I would save if I switched the girls’ over to one such place. Then reality sinks in. I know I will obsess over what they eat and regret not being able to pack their food.

Driving into work this morning, I reflected on how happy I felt on seeing a clean stove top or an empty laundry hamper. There is something about reducing entropy that is very satisfying. So, for now, I am rejoicing in the return of my inner domestic goddess.

Happy Monday people!

4 thoughts on “Embracing my inner domestic goddess

  1. every single time you refer to your early morning( practically midnight) wake up, it makes me feel very guilty for some reason. Take a break, Laksh!:)

  2. The mundane is relaxing in a way – we aren’t thinking actively about what we are doing and that in itself forms a familiar territory. These days, my most relaxing days involve sticking home with family, cooking, cleaning and reading 🙂 Not at all the park hopper or the adventure seeker!

  3. “Soaping and rinsing off stubborn patches, I realized how much I enjoyed this”
    OK, I knew there HAD to be a catch somewhere…we couldn’t be all that alike – it is not natural ! There..that one saved the day.
    If there were a day care that provided food, I’d enroll my kid, my husband and myself in it !

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