Impatient and ready

I drove slowly, pausing before making a turn. The brilliant green startled me from the corner lot. My eyes strayed from the wheel onto the sidewalk and the delicate white-pink of the cherry blossoms. Ambling along, I was now at the light that would put me on the highway. My mind was heavy with thoughts. Through my hour-long ride, the snatches of green and the tender leaves fighting to make their way out brought random smiles. Parking where I usually do, I was hit by a gust of wind that blew the hair off my face. Clutching my bags, I locked the car and waited for the elevator to open. An elderly woman stood by my side. I glanced at her shoes. Looking but not really seeing. My mind was far off. Miles away in fact.

While Spring was having a hard time shaking off Winter’s long shadow, I felt it reminded me of my life. I felt the urge to break free from the gloom of dark skies and the wet air. A longing to feel the sun on my face. A reason to get off work a tad earlier. Reasons to stall getting into the house. I know it’s only days away yet it feels so far.

I feel impatient. And ready.

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