Blue no more!

I powered the ignition off and turned to fetch all of my winter gear. Pulling on my soft woolen cap, I bound my neck tightly with a scarf and slid my already cold palms into gloves before picking up my bag and lunch tote. Walking briskly to the elevator, I found the cold seep in through the material of my trousers. Swinging up the heavy doors that led to the street, I felt a blast of icy deliciousness hit my face. Lowering my feet into the slush from the snow of the day before, I crossed the street to sidewalks sprinkled generously with salt.

As my flats crunched the salt it hit me. I have grown to like this season. I toyed with the word love. Perhaps am not in love with it yet but there are days when I find new appreciation for the cold. As I took quick steps to the building I was headed to, I enjoyed the sensation of burning feet and kneecaps where the cold found its spot. The icy air woke every cell on my face making me feel alert and wide awake. Eyes watered a bit making the world around me look brighter and in soft focus.

I slowed down and took a moment to soak in the elements. Right there in the middle of my morning rush I stood enjoying the cold. Waking up from the reverie, I walked into the building to the heavenly smell of coffee and energetic music.

Good day folks!

4 thoughts on “Blue no more!

  1. Wow, we have around 68’s here this week šŸ™‚ Beautifully written Laksh! You write sooooo well šŸ™‚ Keep writing.

  2. You have good descriptive writing with feelings captured! Was trying to visualise myself as you the entire time and I felt that I was almost there with you!

  3. OMG! This is so freaky Laks. I had the exact same feeling this winter. Especially since it felt spring is already here early Feb and like a typical Swiss, I started complaining and wanted snow much to my own surprise! šŸ˜€

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