My little one is growing up!

Waking to the sound of pitiful crying from the babies bedroom, K rushed off to pick little Cee before she woke her sister. Back under the sheets between amma and appa, she tossed and turned before determinedly sitting up and saying “Paal?”. Laughing, we woke and went through the brushing drama with her. Back in the kitchen, she gulped down her milk in minutes. I fixed the gate to the stairs with all intentions of letting her play by herself whilst I sipped on my strong filter kaapi. Bliss! I thought prematurely. Even as I settled down on the couch, the steaming cup in hand, she looked disinterestedly at all the toys before her before lifting both hands indicating she wanted to be carried.

Sighing I put the cup down and lifted her up. She nestled her warm head in the crook of my neck and murmured “thaachi”. I was taken aback. Since when did my little girl grow up enough to let me know what she wanted when she wanted it?

Dismissing it as her wanting to sneak a couple of minutes of cuddle time, I held and rocked her. She now sleepily pointed to the stairs indicating she wanted to go up to her bed. Still nodding my head in disbelief, I made my way upstairs to their room when another firm “No!” emanated from somewhere near my ear. Trying to figure out what she wanted I went back to my bed and laid her there adjusting myself to fit her side. A minute later, a tiny hand went down searching for the blanket pulled it up over her and turned away to slip into oblivion.

Only I lay there realizing with a start that my girlie has grown up. Sigh!

6 thoughts on “My little one is growing up!

  1. Love the way you wrote this post. My 16 month old recently started asking for paal in the mornings too 🙂 and when she’s sleepy she’ll close the book I’m reading to her, say aachu and lie down on the bed saying thaachu. Sometimes seeing her so expressive, I wonder when my Babystar grew up so much.

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