Letters to my daughters – Homecoming

Dearest Kay and Cee,

This week will mark a year since you first came home. Home as defined by the house we live in now. I remember one Tuesday in February last year, your Appa and I grinned from ear to ear as we got word that the ICPC process was complete and we were free to return home. Home to a life with two gorgeous babies. Home to babbling sounds and happiness. We found tickets to fly the next day. Bags were packed and we were all set except we got word of a snowmageddon pounding the northeast. So, we stayed deflated and eager to get on the next available flight. For three days we scoured the news, kept tabs on flight departures and cancellations and with relief found ourselves back home on a Friday. The flight itself was interesting to say the least. Both of you behaved perfectly. Not a peep during take off and landing. You played well with our co-passengers. You entertained the fine folks who shared space with us as we waited for connecting flights. We were exhausted but happy as we landed that night.

Your maama was waiting, grin stretching from ear to ear as did another maama who took a fancy for you Kay. Bags loaded, babies settled in car seats, we left the airport with dreams of a new life ahead. Both of you cried a lot on the way home. Perhaps you were hungry. Perhaps you knew. Your maama was distraught. Crying babies make driving hard you know? Specially for a new maama like yours. he turned every once in a while, a palm on your car seat, reassuring you. Hush, he said. We will be home before you know it.

As we rounded the bend to our home, a feeling so powerful swept over me. I was at peace. The rest of the evening is a blur. Snatches of conversations and images flicker through my brain. I remember your cousin in a purple dress with pink patterns on her sleeve and a black leggings. And hair bands. Hair bands of different colors. I loved how you took to her immediately Kay. You went to her naturally, without inhibition and gave her a wet, sloppy kiss.

Your maami fed you both bottled fruits and rice crackers and yogurt. You loved it! Even as we struggled with getting to bed and staying asleep, there was a deep sense of peace about the whole evening. Amongst the chaos, excitement, worry and happiness, all I remember is the peace. Of being home. Home finally.

The years will pass and this day, week and month will merge seamlessly into others being no different from the rest of the year. For me though, these moments and memories will always be precious.

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