Leaving the past behind

On my drive home one day this past week, my mind went back over a decade in time. It all started with an innocuous moment at work. Being new to my team, I often reach out for help. On rare occasions, I offer a helping hand. One such sharing session later, a friend profusely thanked me. Grinning, I replied in true desi style “Treat?”. Two days later I found a bar of Hershey’s milk chocolate by my keyboard. Savoring the swirls of chocolatey flavor, it struck me how far I had moved.

Some of my earliest memories as a working woman have been defined by the friendships I formed at work. The ‘treats’, the weekend plans, the train trips back and forth. Professions of undying friendship, of promises to keep in touch, never-ending phone conversations.

Over the years, the bonds loosened, the emails dwindled as did phone calls. Once a year around birthdays, a long forgotten soul would reach out and a smile would play endlessly on my lips. As the days pass, I realize it is not far off when only the memories remain notwithstanding fac.ebook and the like.

And strangely I find I am ready to leave the past behind. The tug of emotions, the wistfulness, the escaping half sigh and then peace. The circle of life seems to be complete.

3 thoughts on “Leaving the past behind

  1. true, it has happened with me too. All of us have perhaps changed with our responsibilites and priorities and we seem to be moving with the flow.

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