One turn around the Sun

As the days close in on the end of January when my life as I knew it changed for ever last year, I am flooded with memories of the convoluted ways in which the heavens conspired to bring Kay and Cee into our lives. One year, 3000  odd photos and 500 plus videos later, we are not done soaking up the joy the girls bring us. This past weekend K and I sat and watched videos from a year back when Kay and Cee were tiny babies with chubby faces and cheery smiles. We  laughed and cried over their unsteady feet as they learned to walk. We smiled away tears as we relived their  adorable baby talk. All our conversations over the past couple of days have been punctuated in disbelief. Disbelief  that this is our life. Disbelief that our girls have grown and changed so much in one year. Disbelief that it has  been one year. One year!

This past night as I sleep walked my way through finding fever medication in the dark for Cee, it struck me how far  we have come. As I prep milk in the morning with one of the girls hanging from my hip, emotions overwhelm me. I  resolve each day that I should never take this for granted. Ever.

Some days as I drive into work leaving K to juggle home, kids and work before he finds sanity behind his monitor at  work, I wonder if this career thing is worth it at all. Yet, I keep at it. The promise of a secure financial future  for the girls spurs me on. My view of the world has changed. Somewhere in this one year, the usually self-centered  me gave way to someone who could actually put others first. Yes. My girls have taught me more than I could have ever imagined. They have taught me to examine my deep-seated prejudices. To stare at the stark truth and acknowledge that I could be a better person. They have taught me to catch my tongue as I am about to spit out something judgmental.  Each day I confront the issues of race and racial stereotypes that are ingrained in my being. They make me look for  teaching moments in everyday events. They propel me to find the good in other people. They make me view the world  with childlike innocence.

The excited squeals of “snow” force me to discard my dread of driving in the snow and look at it with wonder and  amazement. The uninhibited joy that Kay shows when she is in the vicinity of a dog makes me want to rush out and  adopt a pet. The adamant look on both girls’ faces when they do not want to eat/bathe/drink forces me to revisit my  ideas of discipline and manage my anger. They force me to be patient and understanding.

As I celebrate one year of mothering my girls, I realize this is just the beginning. The beginning of years of  wonderment and adjustment. Years of worrying and celebrating little triumphs. Years ahead that will be filled with  gratitude for the gift of life bestowed on us.

14 thoughts on “One turn around the Sun

  1. Laksh, First things first..Congratulations to you , K and your two little darlings for completing one round around the sun!!! Laksh, you write so beautifully (needless to say) and this post is simply wonderful. Enna plans for the anniversary celebration? I was out of town with no access to emails last4/5 days. An email is on the way..Congrats again and Best wishes for another fantastic year ahead !!

  2. Congrats! Jan 21st was our son’s homecoming day, too!! This is such a beautiful post…kids really do teach us so much and make us better people. Hugs to your two!

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