Movies and more!

This past weekend was a record for me. I caught three movies. Yes! three movies. I watched Sweet home Alabama, Julie and Julia and True Grit.

Julie and Julia spoke out to me the most for varied reasons. Two scenes stood out for me. One in which Julia and Paul walk by linking hands and pass a lady pushing a stroller. Julia’s eyes cloud over with longing. The wistfulness tugged at my heartstrings. The other when she receives a letter from her sister saying she is pregnant. She cries and through the tears says “I am happy for her.” I could feel the soul crushing pain. I wiped away tears with her. Then of course the whole connection to blogging and the conversations between Julie and Eric on the blog and comments of course had me smiling knowingly. Do I think this is an awesome movie? Probably not, but an interesting one nonetheless.

True Grit: Caught this with K on our couples day out. We sent the girls to daycare and went out to lunch and a movie. The movie was engrossing and had us transported back a century. Hailee Steinfeld as Matty Ross was great! I could hardly follow the accent and the dialogues but a good movie despite that.

Sweet Home Alabama: Nothing to write home about. If like me you are a sucker for rom-com and girlie movies, this one is a must. Good time pass.

2 thoughts on “Movies and more!

  1. You already had a couple’s day out? Our son is 2.5 years old. We have not been able to do a day out without him yet – we feel too guilty.

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