Food and such

Opening the fridge I stared at containers of batter and assortments of fruits and veggies that crowded every inch of space in there. For a moment my head spun and I forgot what I had opened the fridge for. Pulling out the dosa batter and the packed lunch boxes from the previous night, I set them on the island and turned my attention to the array of boxes in front of me.

For years, I would tend to favor foods that Saathi and I both enjoyed. The idea of making different dishes to cater to different tastes was anathema to me. I hated the effort that went into it and became rather adept in weeding out disliked ingredients from one pot dishes.

So, this morning as I juggled four different items on all four burners, it struck me how much motherhood has changed me. In the one hour I spend in the kitchen each morning packing lunches and breakfast for all four of us. I do not flinch once at the thought of making tiny portions of different foods for the girls in the hope they will like one of the different kinds. I lather the butter on for their sandwiches, pare it down for Saathi and I.

Food for me serves as a tangible evidence of my love. A physical expression of feeling. It has in some ways epitomised what motherhood means to me. As I call Amma each morning we talk a little about my upcoming visit and the question of what to make for me when I am there is touched upon. Like every other elaborate relationship ritual, the puran polis or the kozhukattais are evidence of her abundant love for me.

As I wrap up my kitchen duties before I rush off to get ready to work, I wonder if someday my girls will associate me with their favorite foods. Then, life would have come a full circle.

6 thoughts on “Food and such

  1. I so fact I have a list of foods I want Amma to make when she comes here..and I want it exclusively for me..the thought my husband would be eating it too isn’t my happy news! 😛 Selfish?? Maybe I am! 🙂

  2. You know what Laksh, thats the love of moms. My amma does the same, she starts to list out my favs before I get there and makes sure every day will be mine’s or Ananya’s favorite food. Even with all these, she would complain that she didn’t do this or that (there’s whole array of food items in our fav list so she can’t help it). I do the same every morning or rather every day for Ananya thinking that someday she’ll remember this and ask me to make it for her 🙂 Its all in motherhood Laksh so enjoy the moment.


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