An upside down world

Seated at an odd angle to the projected screen, I angled my head to get a better view of the presenter. A balding pate, a face that seemed to smile even he was not, eyes that seemed gentle. The CEO of my new workplace was giving us a peek into his vision as part of our new hire orientation. In a class of 30 odd people, all eyes were riveted on him. As the hour came to a close, I looked out of the corner of my eye to see my neighbor look like his eyes were brimming over. I had goosebumps myself.

It is not often you come across a presence so authentic that you believe. You want to believe in his vision. You want to believe in the idea of a just world. A world where banks put customers before profits. A company built on the principles of truth and transparency. Somewhere in the one hour when he touched on everything from usurious practices to philosophy something he said caught my fancy. We live in an upside down world he proclaimed.

We do. A world where we pay fees to actually pay off your debt sooner. A world where calls are redirected to various parts of the world based on your account balance. An insidious class system based on socio-economic merit. As I watched him walk away from the room. I felt inspired. And wanting to change the world.

3 thoughts on “An upside down world

  1. very few people manage to convey their vision that it translates to everyone in the organisation…you are truly lucky to be in such a structure!! makes your work a lot easier ‘cos you start believing in it! 🙂 good one..

  2. Good one Lakshmi.. i am not a fan of facebook. but login just to connect to your blogs.
    btw, you have 2 lovely darlings in your life !

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