LMT – The little big things

After the girls had their dinner, all of us set out to visit my bro and sis in law. We reached their home to be greeted with shy smiles from my darling niece. Dinner done, we crowded around their warm living room. The lights twinkled on the tree by the corner and wrapped packages sat there enticing us.

As each girl stood around the center table holding a wrapped package in her hands, I felt an incredible feeling of happiness descend on me. Isn’t this what the season of sharing is supposed to be? Families knit together by intangible bonds. Cousins tearing behind each other around the house. New clothes and shiny new toys savored like only kids can?

As the evening wound down and we drove back in silence. I felt very blessed to have family close by. Seeing my niece and daughters play with each other and goof around, I felt my heart swell with happiness. Isn’t this what I longed for so much?

Little moments like these are what keep me smiling.

4 thoughts on “LMT – The little big things

  1. This is what i miss the most, family near by! Long to go back home to India soon! Have been here for so many years, but still does not feel like home, even though i really like this country!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family:)

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