I stood juggling four pans of various dishes either simmering, roasting or frying this morning. The microwave beeped and a small glass bowl with ground masala sat there staring at me. For a minute I was not sure what I was doing or what needed to be done next. Gathering my wits around me, I continued on, wrapping up an intense hour and half of cooking, packing lunches, setting out clothes and getting ready to be out the door at 7:00 AM.

Driving into work a good hour away, my mind wandered back to the Visu movies of yore. The imagery of a working woman from a middle class family rushing through the kitchen chores, getting children ready for school, packing food for the husband, getting ready herself in a matter of minutes and rushing to catch the filled-to-the-brim PTC bus with sweat running from her forehead and back is stuck in my head. Though my morning was nothing like the imagery painted above, I did feel the pressure and the immense relief once I was behind the wheel, free to ruminate over life changes.

I focused ahead driving almost on auto pilot as I pondered the day ahead. I started a new job at a bank yesterday. From the frying pan into the fire, a voice in my head said as I checked in at the lobby announcing I was to start work there. Getting my new desktop set up, attending meetings, I felt at home. Yes, the people and the place was new but there was an oddly comforting feel to the gray cubicles and the sterile meeting rooms. Behind my 17 inch monitor I often forgot this was a new workplace.

The next few weeks and months will be one of adjustment. For K, the girls and me. I hope by Spring we are all set in our new patterns and this innings will be long and creatively satisfying.

To new beginnings I think and clink glasses mentally.

6 thoughts on “Imagery

  1. visu’s movies were a replica of reality. Ain’t it?

    May god be on your side and best wishes for your new job.

    BTW how do I add you to my reading list?

  2. When you mentioned this the first thing that came to my mind is my mum and both her elder sisters. Learning cooking now and helping around the house i feel really guilty for never helping her out when I was younger. Good luck at the new job BTW, my mum is a banker too.

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