LMT – A piece of cake

Twas about noon today, when I was rushing out of my bathroom. I paused and gave myself one more look in the mirror. Tucking back a stray strand, I ran down the stairs. I was running late for my date with K. Parking in the visitor parking of my erstwhile workplace, I called K to let him know I was waiting. Dropping off a couple of unopened toys that the girls had outgrown at a toys for tots drive, I stood in the lobby reflecting on what a wonderful week it has been thus far.

An hour and half later, we stood tummies full, at the glass counter of our little neighborhood bakery. Carrot cake, Raspberry shortcake or cheesecake? My eyes searched for my favorite a marble pound cake and could not find one. I hesitantly opted for the raspberry shortcake when I felt K’s hand on my elbow. “Let’s order the marble pound cake” he said smiling. “Really? you sure?” I asked before grinning from ear to ear. Walking out the door, I felt all warm and fuzzy.

And thankful for all these little moments that mean much.

PS: Shy, finally joining in your Little Moments Thursday series. πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “LMT – A piece of cake

  1. that is a tough choice to make when all those cakes, i think are good. Knowing that K knows what you like, itself warms up the heart.

    keep adding to LMTs Laksh. I am glad few of you have picked up on LMT. UL and Suman write regular LMTs

  2. My LMT for today. After I dropped A off, Ms. Linda her teacher opened the door through which they can see the front yard and brought A and the other kids to there and they waved bye to me all the way till I left the compound…All the kids shouting bye mommy! It was just absolutely Super! Bless you Ms. Linda! You made my day!

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