Tis the season of thankfulness

I know little behind the history of Thanksgiving apart from the story making rounds on Nick Jr. Yet, the idea behind taking a day to be cognizant of the things I am thankful for appeals to me. So, today I want to take a moment to record the things I am happy about.

Motherhood: This is one wish I feared might not come true. So, today I am happy for the two rays of sunshine in my life.

Love: I am surrounded by love. From K, From my Amma, From my babies, From my siblings. From my friends. I am thankful that I have people who will call me if I stay silent for more than a day.

Health: I am thankful for the energy everyday to run behind two active kids. To stay up late to finish homework. To make food for the people I love.

Money: I am thankful for the comfortable life I lead. For the roof over my head, For never having to know need.

Freedom: I value the freedom I have. To express myself without fear. To stand my ground when I want to. To know I am an equal partner in my home.

Blogging: I am thankful for an avenue to express my thoughts. For the people who stop by to leave a comment, even when I have not responded in ages. For the friends I have made online. For providing a way for me to ‘talk’ to myself.

I am sure I can fill pages with the things I am thankful for but to me these are things I am most grateful for at the moment.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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