I logged in to work early this morning to find an email from the Employee Support Desk letting me know that my name was now officially changed and all systems would now reflect the new name. Just like that, I became a new person. What’s in a name? I have often wondered.

Depending on my mood, it has been all or nothing. Four years back, when Appa passed away, I clung on to my name as a souvenir. Each time I saw my last name on emails or my name board sitting perched on top of my cube, I thought of it as Appa’s presence over me. I still do. Except with the arrival of the girls, I gravitated towards the concept of a common last name. Opting for a shorter convenient moniker, I did some juggling, making my Appa’s name my middle name and making way for a new last name.

So, this morning seeing a strange name attached to my name, I felt a pang of regret. What had I done? I know in time, it will feel like second nature but for now, it feels alien.

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