Memories in the making

It’s the holiday season around the corner and I can already feel the warmth in the air. As we round the bend to drive up to our home, I see lights twinkling from dark windows on either sides of the road. I LOVE this time of the year despite the cold and the darkness that starts setting in by 4:00 PM.

I have amassed over two thousand pictures of Kay and Cee over the past year and I keep telling myself I need to pick and choose a few good ones to print and send to my family here and in India. So, when I saw this offer from Shutterfly making its rounds on the blogosphere, I knew I had to sign up. If not for the free holiday cards, for the fact that it would actually force me to go through my picture archives and dig up good shots of the girls.

Of course, once I got the email from them and hopped on over to browse their offerings for this season, I was hooked! Here are few I liked. If you let me know which one you fancy, perhaps I will pick that one for our first ever Holiday card this year. 🙂

I have been using Shutterfly for years and love the photo books I made for the girls earlier this year. I wanted to have the story of their lives in pictures so I can gift it to them when they are older and hopefully they will cherish it. Often when it is late at night, I will pick one of the photo books up and flip through the pages reliving the memories. From the first instant we laid eyes on them to the dinner with their family to our initial days as we waited in a tiny hotel room for over a week and a half. The pictures and the captions take me back in time to the moment I became a mother.

This year for K’s birthday I had a photo mug made with a picture of him carrying both girls. Over the past few months, it has become a morning ritual for him to drink out of the cup while Kay and Cee fall all over him for a glimpse of themselves in the cup. It is one of those everyday moments that leave me with a catch in my throat. I also have a calendar made with pictures of my extended family that I treasure. The year I made it in has passed but it remains in a corner of my closet often teased out when I need that envelope of love.

So, what is your favorite photo memory? Do tell!

7 thoughts on “Memories in the making

  1. can I pick all 3? your family so lovely.

    will go for the first one. And my postal address is coming in mail:)

    I have been doing family portrait tradition for the last 6 years and this saturday is our appointment for this year. It is fun to see how much we have grown as family!! (even the wrinkles and lbs too:)

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