One of them pseudo maamis

As we wound down for the day, I packed away the bright yellow and black bumblebee costume along with the pink and white butterfly one sighing wistfully. The girls would have outgrown them by next year. Halloween started early with the parade in the daycare on Friday followed by the community parade today. We did go trick or treating for a bit after we doled out candy to the little ones who knocked on our door.

Before the girls, we always had candy for the trick or treaters. I have never been in costume but loved the spirit (pun intended) of the festival. With the girls in our lives now, it takes on a little more meaning. I briefly toyed with the idea of visiting a pumpkin patch this year and carving a Jack O’ Lantern but never got around to it. Next year possibly.

Something I read here and here has been on my mind for over a week now. Since I started blogging I have touched on traditions and mulled on memories of my childhood quite a bit. UL on more than one occasion has mentioned that while we enjoyed the traditions of our past, the current generation will remember the ones we create for them with fondness years down the line. I never quite got it till this year.

It is true is it not? While I could be the maami next door I remember from my childhood in spirit, is it necessary for me to carry the traditions from my past into the future? Is it so fake to create or imbibe new ones as we grow and assimilate into a different culture? Halloween to me does not have to be about spirits and ghouls but it could to my children be one of costumes, trick or treating, pumpkin patches, Jack O Lanterns and baking. As the years pass, I hope I can instill into my children a sense of wonder and excitement about festive days irrespective of whether it is Halloween or Deepavali.

So, yes I am one of them pseudo maamis and am not ashamed of being one. 🙂

9 thoughts on “One of them pseudo maamis

  1. That’s awesome – here’s to never being a pseudo mami or a pseudo anything for that matter, and to creating and carrying forward traditions that make memories for each one of us. BTW, about the costumes, I usually leave them in the dress-up chest so the girls can get more use out of them throughout the year. They wear them whenever they feel like at home during play. Just an idea. I also buy cheap post-halloween dress up clothes for the bucket.

  2. Great post. I notice you not only write about, but also have adopted, and adopted outside your family/ethnicity. That is something our maamis of yore never did 🙂 Happy Deepavali.

  3. Laksh, didnt you know that anything hawkeye writes is kinda sad in a really sad way! Poor thing! Never knows how to enjoy just knows how to critisize and be all prim and proper in his own way! That is what makes it fun to read his blog …you feel pity for the character! Anything that you create out of heart that someone will enjoy and maybe remember is totally worth it. Bring on Halloween, bring on golu, bring on full moon parties to make dreary winter better, bring on Deepavali and bring on any event you can create that makes life a little more bit more fun!

  4. It’s true. Whatever brings happiness and good times gets recorded as meaningful rituals and traditions…go ahead, pick n choose and create your own too! Loved the pic!

  5. Psuedo mami, the kiddos look very very cute. anything that gives you happiness and satisfaction, you can and should follow. So go ahead and make the most of those traditions that you are creating with those little cuties.

    -Another psuedo mami 🙂

  6. I have had several disagreements with hawkeye but not on this one. Somehow reading this post appears as if his post bothered you so much that you decided to to write this post for theraupetic purposes. Maybe it relieved the angst in you and allowed you to continue your halloween preparations with your children with a less distracted mind. Or maybe you needed a hand-holding support group to say you are right.

    does anyone ever agree that they are victims of peer pressure or that they did something without thinking about it? everybody will come up with one justification or other to do their stuff. The reasons you give seem like an after thought. Didnt mean to critcize you but just felt what I said. feel free to delete this.

  7. You should always do whatever makes you happy, bring on all the festivals and enjpoy . The kiddos look totally adorable

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