Off to catch the rainbow

Rushing around to get the girls and us out the door before the early morning meeting I felt like I had mastered the art of multitasking and delegating. While K left with an arm load of lunch bags and school stuff, I scooped up one of the twins to change and brush her hair. The TV was on and the title song from Pinky Dinky Doo was playing. Smiling as I listened to the lyrics I visibly relaxed and went to turn the TV off and get a start on the day.

Much later in the day, the feeling from the morning that had eluded understanding came to me. I realized I identified so much with Pinky. Much like her, my mind was full of big ideas and stories that I made up to make myself feel good.

I remember in high school already thinking of being a working woman. In college talking to my friends about some day flying out far in the sky and being my own boss. Starting afresh as a teller never letting the corner office out of my view.

This morning it hit me how much of a child I was, chasing after rainbows and believing in the pot of gold at the end of one. Life forever seems to be this big game of treasure hunt where the next clue is the one that will yield the treasure chest. Whether it is practical or not, it satisfies my need for change and just about does enough to send me off on the next wild goose chase. Plus it is a lot of fun!

So, tell me, do you identify yourself in a fictional character? If so, which one and why?

2 thoughts on “Off to catch the rainbow

  1. Lizzie Mc Guire…good kid with good friends but keeps falling down often(clumsy :P) and cannot stand up against(or answer back) to mean people.

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