Life. Well lived!

Driving away from home on a Monday evening leaving behind K and the kutties was immensely freeing. Moving at a leisurely pace on winding roads leading to the nearby Kohls, I enjoyed the solitude.

Ah! the things we take for granted I thought. Before the girls I had never really given much thought to how much free time we had on our hands. An evening shopping trip? Not a big deal. A stroll after sun down around our community? All summer long! Dishes piling in the sink? We can get to it tomorrow. Woke up later than usual? No problemo! What are restaurants for?

In the frantic twenty minutes after I reached home, I ran around like an energizer bunny feeding the kids, getting the cooker ready for dinner, getting a list ready for K to do till I came back. At the store, my eyes were on the watch like every two minutes. Rushing through the aisles, picking up anything that caught my eye. Piling the load onto a cart and hitting the dressing rooms to separate the wheat from the chaff. I was in and out in record time.

Driving back home against the darkening horizon, I thought about how much I had longed for this. The harried mom at the superstore feeling. As much as the changes to my life have taken getting used to, it amazes me how the things I had craved for have come true. It makes me relish every free moment with a vengeance knowing full well it will be a while before time is not at a premium.

It also makes me think we live a life without regrets, cherishing the moments as we go. Looking back and seeing a well-worn trail dotted with intense emotions and a life well lived.

6 thoughts on “Life. Well lived!

  1. Laks
    Yep…. Being a mother is hard – but somehow its fulfilling too. We complain all the time – but really don’t complain about it – if you get what I mean.

  2. Could related to every detail in the post. Time management and being organized is critical to motherhood infact as these 2 are important as being patient, caring and tolerant!

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