Bucket list of sorts

Shankari of Narad Tales had this tag on her blog and it made me wonder about what I would like to do when am a little more grown up. The idea is to list five things you want to learn/do in the near future. So, here goes!

1. Learn to dance. Not classical or any particular dance form. I want to feel free to let my body move to music and feel no inhibitions doing that. I already do it when it is just Kay and Cee and me. So it is a matter of either signing up for some Bollywood style classes or a gym with some form of dance/exercise routine.

2. Swimming. This has been on my list for ever and ever but have never really gotten around to doing this. I have a feeling that I will probably learn with Kay and Cee.

3. Exercise. I have always had an aversion to any form of physical exertion. Still do. This is really top on my list. I know I need to get started on it like now. I am hoping a day will come when I will actually enjoy doing this.

4. Baking. I have tried my hand at making simple cakes. I would like to some day make different kinds of breads and use my oven as much more than a storage rack.

5. Learn to sing. I have never felt a deep need to know singing till the girls came into my life. I now so wish I knew how to sing or even hum with some semblance of a tune. Some days when the girls are inconsolable I wish I could soothe away their tears with some home-brewed music.

So readers if you are still around, what is on your list?

4 thoughts on “Bucket list of sorts

  1. I made some attempts on first 3 on your list(salsa,swimming classes, Gym)..But didn’t get far..The next 2 are out of my scope (In best interest of human race..) Mine would be
    to take piano lessons
    joining a book club

  2. Hey, there! Came here from Shankari’s blog, and I am loving it here. πŸ™‚ Will be back for more. Read some of your old posts, and loved them..

  3. Here goes …
    1. Join dance again – I have loved dance all my life and lost the connect that i feel awkward with my body now.
    2. Make my movies – They are waiting, dozens of stories written years and years ago, in every book of mine with reminders to move my butt. I still haven’t and getting more nervous with every passing year.
    3. Travel – In the last one year have made a start – Went to US, ladakh, Hampi, Agumbhe … Need to do more. Planning and hoping to do Europe next year
    4. Trekking etc – Did two of them this year, my first ever one i signed up bravely with a total set of strangers and had a grear time πŸ™‚
    5. Learn art properly – used to copy my sis in my childhood but haven’t done any drawing after that
    6. Swimming – Yes. There is a pool right downstairs. Should lose my fear of water and do that
    7. Go to the gym and join yoga – I am going to the gym only once a month. Just joined yoga today. But cycled a lot with my son at Hampi.
    8. Get back to quizzing and scrabble – seriously
    9. Cooking – want to connect to people who really really love their food and learn a whole lot of new stuff
    10. Learn driving and lose my fear of the road…
    11. Reading – Reading was as natural as breathing at one time, i have lost connect with that. Now slowly getting it back. Feels like i am finding a long lost friend again πŸ™‚
    12. Do my documentary on tribals soon
    13. And the most important of them all – Start my ashram again. soon.
    14. Have another baby if god wills and I meet the right man

    Ahhh so many wishes. I am a greedy one :-p

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