What is your thing?

Mixing a bowl of Cheerios bright and early this morning before the girls got ready for daycare, I sat them in their high chairs and turned the TV on. Little Bill was playing and as I fed the kids, I was drawn into the simple tale of a boy trying to find this ‘thing’. He dad has a thing for Jazz music, his mom a thing for Photography, his siblings are into chess. The episode concludes with him discovering he has a ‘thing’ for telling stories.

Simple and sappy as it sounds, I loved it as I do most of the kiddie programs that air at the not so prime time in baby-land. It also set me thinking. What if you never really found your thing? What if you do find your thing but can’t pursue it for reasons like stereotyping or peer pressure? Growing up, my thing was books. I found it an enchanting place where I could disappear for hours and forget about the world outside. I lived vicariously through the characters. I imbibed their attitudes, their spirit of adventure as they went through the tale. Often times my real and imaginary worlds merged and clashed. I found a love for words. I would finger new words, feel them roll on my tongue, test them in sample sentences and relish the pleasure that came from using them in appropriate situations.

As I snapped back into the present from my rambling thoughts, I wondered why programs such as these were relegated to offbeat time slots. Why programs like Dora and Diego were so popular when they were so mind-numbingly dumb? Is there really such a thing as ‘good’ TV watching? Guess there are no right answers to these questions and each person has their take on it.

Just rambling. Happy Wednesday folks!

4 thoughts on “What is your thing?

  1. So true, my thing was poetry and art. Now I feel I have lost it!
    Someday I will revive it, not sure when.

    As far as Dora and Diego being popular, they are more interactive. Dora wants the children to repeat after her and a 2 year old whose vocabulary is picking up is in the ‘repeater’ phase, just loves it. These two are more for Toddlers (who are the new teenagers!!)

    The story you mentioned was more for bigger kids who like and understand the content or for babies who love to hear modulated voice.

  2. I can so relate to M, my thing was doing creative things and a love for jotting down poetic thoughts – now it is in the inner depths of me – my happy place my past. I have faith that it will come back again.

    As for children’s TV certain shows are made with children in mind and what we find stupid they actually understand and enjoy. There are some great shows that teach as well. Just got to try and make sure that they watch interactive, educational stuff with the odd mind numbing shows. That’s what I do with my son.

  3. Its still ok if you don’t find your thing at all as long as you know how to be happy the way you are. Life is more about being than doing 🙂

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