Lessons learnt… so far.

A little over a week since the girls started daycare. Reviewing the past ten days, this is what I have learned. Jotting it down here as a record for posterity.

1. Kutties have figured out that this is for the long haul and their faces change as soon as they see the school building.
2. Clingy, crying babies DO calm down in a little bit.
3. Packing a lot of food does not mean they will eat a reasonable amount.
4. Resist the temptation to run errands on the way from school to home. HUNGRY kids mean business.
5. There is a reason kids need a bath before bed. They wallow in muck all day long.
6. If kids do not eat while in the school, cheat the system by feeding lunch for breakfast. This way, at least you will assuage yourself of some guilt.
7. It really is OK to feed them mac and cheese three days in row if that is the only thing they will eat.
8. Be ready to run a load of laundry at any time of day or night. It is the new normal.
9. Checklists rock! To remind you of anything from restocking diapers to replacing change of clothes for the kids.
10. Mysterious rashes come and go. Its OK not to flip out about it.

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